Working with exceptional people, on exciting projects, for outstanding clients. - APCINTERNET

Established in 1992, APCINTERNET has been providing website design and development services since 1995, and website hosting services since 1999.

Today, APCINTERNET is a full-service Internet services business providing a full range of services from domain registration to digital media strategy development and everything in between.

We keep our clients and their needs at the heart of everything we do. Our key focus is on providing exceptional ROI to all our clients for their online presence and marketing needs. We typically serve small to medium size companies, and provide behind-the-scenes development and consulting services to advertising agencies, graphic designers and marketing specialists for their major brands and multinational clients.

Our services include website hosting, website design and development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM), Social Media Integration, content authoring, digital media strategy development and domain registrations.

More than 90% of our new clients are referred to us from our existing clients, happy to recommend us to their friends and colleagues. That’s one of the reasons you won’t find us in the Yellow Pages. So here’s our number – 1300 898 300.