I have no hesitation in recommending Michael Soker and APCINTERNET. - Adam Fisher, Sense Communications

Adam Fisher

Creative Director, Sense Communications
During my time as a Creative Director of some of the biggest Advertising and Design Agencies both here and abroad, I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the digital world’s most talented individuals and organisations. In this context, I have no hesitation in recommending Michael Soker and APCINTERNET.


I have worked with Michael and APCINTERNET since 2006. Time they have helped me complete a range of projects across areas such as websites, microsites, eDM’s, apps, banner ads, hosting – pretty much anything in the online/multimedia sphere. The reason I keep going back to Michael and APCINTERNET is that I know I can rely on them to get the job done to my satisfaction, which as many people have found out to their detriment, is not always easy!


This coupled with the fact that they are competitive on price and bend over backwards to deliver on time, makes it a no-brainer when I have to decide who to partner with to help me deliver my digital requirements.

Stuart Horton-Stephens

Creative Director, Geeza.com.au
I have been using APCINTERNET for my website hosting since 2003 and I have to say I have always been amazed at the friendly and prompt service from them. If there is an issue, its resolved within hours, if you need an answer there is always someone on the phone ready to help. My experience with larger companies has always been one of frustration and disappointment, but APCINTERNET has been a breathe of fresh air. Highly recommended!

Oliver Goodfellow

Progressive Artist, You Never Regret
You should blush. I keep getting all these people telling me how F**king brilliant you are.

Bruce Hedge

Bruce Hedge Phptography
Just a note to tell you how thrilled we are with our website you designed. It is much better than we originally envisaged, and we love the way little touches like making the images move as you hover over them really adds to the look of the site. You were always available for rejigs, and were very quick in implementing the changes. We have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone looking for a really great looking website at a very competitive price. Thanks again.


Managing Director, MASRIC Communications
Successful strategy depends on immaculate execution. Since 2007 APCINTERNET has been our preferred web developer for our clients who understand why a good website is essential to business success. APCINTERNET takes each client brief and help improve it. They know the latest technology options in email marketing, social media, how to optimise for tablet platforms. They can provide a solution for any client ‘wish-list’. It is also important to enjoy working with your supplier in a partnership to achieve a great result. When you work with APCINTERNET, you will get all this.


APCINTERNET offers us the right level of energy and creative fit to keep on doing great work for our clients.

Craig Levey

Managing Director, LokOtel Australia
We have found APCINTERNET’s eDM system easy to use and like being able to view reports highlighting who clicked to open, read and what content they were interested in. For us this valuable information has resulted in increased sales because we know ahead of time what the reader is interested in.


I would highly recommend APCINTERNET’s eDM for anyone serious about email marketing and increasing sales.

Alice Aird

Founder and Coach, Life Energy Coaching
It’s all worked really well using the program you suggested. Thanks so much. I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful web hosting company!

Mark Shueard

Managing Director, ON2DVD
Way back in the day when the first ON2DVD website went live, I was a total novice. I quickly found out that you need help from time to time. The hosting provider at the time was a pure email based ticket support provider. This seemed ok when I signed up but became a nightmare. If something goes wrong you need to talk to someone, not wait for 3 days for a reply requesting more information.


So I moved to APCINTERNET but it was nothing more than a guess at the time. As it turned out, I found a company that has similar values to mine, customer service before everything else.


Since 2005 I can’t tell you how many times APCINTERNET has saved my bacon, when I really needed help Michael and his technicians came through. The server is well maintained always up while planned maintenance is short and timed conveniently with advanced warnings. I have no hesitation is recommending APCINTERNET, they just go above and beyond.

Ladislav Tzar

Managing Director, ZartroniX
We have been using APCINTERNET since 2006, and have nothing but praise for the service we have received. For us the prompt, professional and personal service we have received over this time is second to none. Michael’s dedication to keeping us up and running, even well outside normal working hours, has been a huge bonus for us. This has included several midnight call backs to help keep our business online when things have gone wrong, even when the problems were on our end.


I would highly recommend APCINTERNET and their services to anybody.

Earle Castledine

Internet Creator
120,000 page views overnight. Doubled my monthly bandwidth allowance in 1.5 days (thanks again http://apcinternet.com for saving the day!)